I haven't posted anything for quite some time now. I'd figure it is time to post something here.

Well, the first thing I'm going to "rant" about tonight is about hypocrisy. I wonder why sometimes, that even in the midst of all the open minded people around me, there lies a big ass judgmental, prejudicial shithead lying behind the "open-minded" masquerade they put on so proudly.

Wait, now that I think about it, you could never know which is the facade - the open minded side or the judgmental side. Which even makes these people even bigger hypocrites than hypocrisy smells.
Either way, I don't mind if you're gonna be open-minded - that's good, at least you can see things in several perspectives. On the other hand, if you're gonna be this judgmental person, go look at yourself in the mirror. I reckon you are THAT perfect to judge another. Well, unless you think you're God. But hey isn't that blasphemous towards yourself, since you SHOW that you are such a saint and a holy man? I mean hey, if you're religious enough you should know that you shouldn't play God, right?

So maybe if you are going to judge someone based on the way they dress just because it contradicts what YOU believe in, well, like I said, you are not at all a perfect person who had never committed a sin, no? Or are you going to judge someone on how they act and how they bring themselves in this world? Oh-ho, if you're going to talk about sex all day long and show how "open-minded" you are, I don't think you're in any place to judge anyone, no? Ergo, stop being a bitch talking about religion and what people are supposed to do and what not. You have no right to do so. You are not any better than any other human being. If you are looking for fame by the rest of the people who share your opinion, well - that's even more sinful isn't it? Judging others for the sake of your own fame and happiness. Since ya'll "believe" so much in sin and reward,  maybe you should think about the consequences about condemning others.

Ah well. What can I do other than to re-quote what Franziska Von Karma said;

"Foolish fool spouting foolish foolishness,just as I expect of a foolish fool such as you;
A foolish fool with a foolish sieve for a brain only speak foolishly with foolish words,"

So yeah. I have nothing more to say about hypocrisy and the stupidity surrounding it.
What hurts me is that even some who are close to me are hypocrites as well. When will you all realize the folly that you conduct oh-so freely everyday? Such despicable tomfoolery is too much for me to handle.

Since somebody has asked me to write a poem, as I have not written any for almost half a year, well, here goes.


Thou speak of things which lives in thee,
As it exists deep within thy heart,
O - the irony of that being true -
A truth that lies within thy heart.

Thou only wears a masque,
One that grows with thy face,
To some thou portray class - 
Alas, thou simply speak in a lace.

Hypocrisy is the word -
The living lie that thou stands in,
It is like wielding a sword,
Only to slay thy own Queen.

What can be said - profess thy idiocy ,
As an endless sea of flames,
In the end there shall be no mercy,
For thy prejudicial claims.


Ah well.Enough ranting for tonight. Time to grab myself a nice meal.
Adieu for now.