The folly of this soul to believe that people will actually understand it.
When people do nothing but try to indoctrinate you with their ideals and thoughts.
They know not of the hell I've lived.
One cannot fathom the pain and suffering.
One will never know how it feels.

But yet, they try to shove their ideals into this tormented soul.
I am here now, on my own two feet.
Nary a single help was given - only words and words and more empty words.
If what you say - you wish me to believe, then prove your words - Show me a decisive evidence.
But if not, stay away from what you know not of - It shall do you better.

They give you hope - they raise you up the mountain, and let go.
They jest with this soul.
They will feel the wrath.
The hatred.
The sorrow.
The madness.
What of it?

Challenge my will.
Otherworldly thoughts are of no meaning on this ground.

They know nothing.
They know not.
I know.