I recently reread all my old posts and comments on Facebook. Damn, I came a long way. From this weird nerd fucker who writes like: "Oh Hey Thanks I Love Caps On Every First Letter Of My Words," at least I normalised that. Now that I look back at it man, I was fucking weird and creepy.

Oh well, time and experience changes people. I never actually enjoyed all of it, because having a fouler mouth a the day goes by doesn't help when socializing with strangers - but hell, I couldn't give two fucks about what people think about me. But those who can still accept me for who I am, those people are getting closer and closer to me. Refreshing enough, at least. Don't need friends who don't need you.

I just felt like ranting about that. Maybe I have come a long way from what the hell I was back then, as some say. Or maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better and more secure. No matter. Time will tell.

On a side note, I kinda miss writing poetry. But it might reignite unnecessary bursts of feelings that could carry me to a state of hatred and emo-ness. So we will see. I will consider the consequences. Perhaps a request for me to write one could allow me to write without actually resurrecting  such upheaval in my soul.

But this may be the last I will give a chance to my feelings. If the next one doesn't work the way it should, I'd be the ultimate defender of my heart, as such is my brother/coach/trainer. I'd rather have somebody else's Smirnoff bottle break than my own.

On that, I bid thee all farewell. Of hope that the flame will rekindle or perish for all chronos.