Reality is something that makes me feel weary.
I've seen myself as a child who imagined life as something with beauty and hope.
But once faced with the perilous lands of life, you realise that all the things you've hoped for can never be so wrong and superficial.

Not that I really mind - In fact the harshness of life had made me who I am today - Realizing that my feet are indeed, on the soil, not the clouds. Recently I've been listening to this song - "Lost Heaven" by L'arc en Ciel. It's lyrics really does remind me of all the split path that we all took, and how those choices had actually made our heaven become lost. And perhaps all of us could have made better decisions in life. Time flies.

Well, that is what I've been thinking about recently. And being myself, strong feelings draws Firaga to write certain literature arts.

*Lost Heaven, Granted Hell*

The beauty of life,
Shone on each one of humanity,
For each soul to strife,
And achieve serenity.

Time passes - what do we seek?
No longer beauty or happiness in life,
But lust and greed and that of reek,
A split path we all took in life.

For what matters does not,
The paradox of this paradigm,
The unhappy and ignorant lot,
Astray - for that single dime.

The heaven we dreamed of ages ago,
Lost in the midst of the abyss,
Now we live with nary a taste of paradise forgo,
Living in hell is in itself bliss,