After such a long time, I have returned.

So I haven't posted anything for nearly four months. Countless events had happened in my life - some of them worth mentioning, while others deserve none of the sort.

Quite recently, I actually snapped. Which basically means that I lost my cool, and that never happened before in the history of my life. I won't actually explain what happened, but one thing worth saying is that that event destroyed possibly three-quarter of the patience that I have. Considering how much of a patient man I am, that would probably mean that I am now a hot-tempered, sensitive, semi-emotional human.

Other than that, is a story of busybodies. I don't even know where to start - I simply don't understand why people can't just stay away from other people's personal affairs especially when one is as "uninvited guest".
Seriously, just handle your own lives and stop bugging others. If you feel offended by this, then good - I'm making a point.

Also I think I realized something. That I am slowly becoming vainer by the day. I guess it is good. I guess its time to stop being a couch potato and start to work harder. If I can train myself to play Dota 2 professionally, then why can't I just do the same for my body, right? I'm not getting any younger, and health could be an annoying issue. And girls like hot guys I guess. Hahaha.

Well.I said countless events but that's just an overstatement. Other than that I guess my life has been a generic, hectic, tiring process of waking up at 6 a.m. everyday and going to class until evening. And there are those posers and fakers - those usual bunch of hypocrites that I don't have to mention. Man but recently seeing some people putting on fake accents and fail miserably at it pisses me off. Can't even pronounce a word properly and you try to put on a Brit accent. That's just sad and low.

Ah well. I guess that's it from me. Will think of a poem to write soon. But not anytime soon. See ya'll. Have a great life and good luck dodging life's poop :)