So...I know I've been trying to be the funny dude - the class clown, the guy who can show not an ounce of worry in his life. Long enough is when I realized that people just fucking hate the shit out of me.Either that or they just try to act nice.Or they'd find me the annoying bastard who they can't stand.

Well fuck ya'll.I'm tired of being nice.Trying to wear a mask of happiness to cover my old self turns out to be the most worthless thing I've ever done.

Okay then,so this is what all of you want right?You'd wish to see the old me?Okay.I grant your wishes.So yeah.I ain't gonna take no shit from anyone.

Whatever.Sleep time.
Sometimes I end up feeling down when I reminisce on the past and then realize how fucked up it is now compared to last time.

But I kinda realized something now too.There are things in my life now that I could be happy about.Heck, I am happy now.Heh.

But beyond that happiness,I feel a gap somewhere in the middle.The missing link.Which is to have somebody.Somebody special for me to shower my love.Without it,I can't seem to achieve that level of happiness.

What naivety eh?After being heartbroken so many times,I still do search for that love that I need.
Call me gay or whatever.Heh.
There is a person - a fine lady, one who has always been at the back of my mind though.I wonder if...

Well.Haha.I ought to not take things so seriously.But feelings grow, and slowly it is getting harder and harder to contain.But I guess even I can't run away from fear and doubt.After going through so much shit,heck - who could blame me?

But well...I'll see how things go.In time all shall be revealed perhaps.

Adieu people.
Oh well. Apparently a new blog was needed. Its a sign for me that I have moved forward and let the past dwell in the abyss.

....And I seem to be left in awe because of someone.Well,this person is very close to me.Over the years I've always wanted to see changes inside of this person - which I did. But alas this person never did change one bit.Watch how you treat people man.You will lose your friends and family if you keep this up.

...You disappoint me,brother.

Well, no matter.

No poems this time.Too lazy to think of any.
...Maybe 4 lines.

To rise and start anew,
As I awake by the morning dew,
One that is known by few,
The love that I once knew.

Adieu fellas.