Aite,so many things had happened recently that I don't know where to start.Well I guess I'll start with my dream 2 nights ago.In my deep slumber,I dreamt of my old,lost love.The lady who I was unable to let go for over a year.It was really random.I don't really remember how it went,but I remember myself giving her a huge,long hug.Maybe,just maybe,I still miss her,huh?Well,who wouldn't?Especially if that person's your first love.Although unrequited, but a sweet dream is a sweet dream.She was still as beautiful as ever in my dreams.

That's one thing.Then the issue with my tooth.Mysteriously,I thought the wisdom tooth problem was settled a few months ago.Yet, it came to haunt me again a few days back.What's funny is I woke up this morning,and the pain was gone.The swelling had gone down too.Now I wonder if it was really a wisdom tooth,or was it just some weird infection.Meh,I wouldn't give a shit if it doesn't hurt.I guess the human mind won this battle,eh scumbag gum/tooth?

On another side note,My gaming clan - or what it used to be, A.K.A. ExTinctz, has gone down the dumps now.No more team games,and some of the key members had given up on this.I myself had stopped playing dota for about 3 months. Then,it happened.A sudden urge to create my own group. So now I have, in fact made my own group,focusing on several games - not just dota, and we are called Etheria Gaming (Abv. EtherG). With my old partner Skaj,I think a new hope will be reborn from this.I will take my dreams of professional gaming somewhere.

Check us out if you're interested:

Although,we are just a small community for now,but I will find more capable allies to envision the dream into a reality.

Yeah,that's the gist of the important things.The rest can just remain unmentioned.Ta-Ta for now,people.

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