What's worse than having everything going against you?
Is that you get the most perfect, beautiful dream in your sleep - and waking up realising that that perfection could possibly never be achieved. That all you wanted in life came in a split second - and left you all the same.

I guess that's the ultimatum of my mind's illusion.
The compression of every thought and ideals in my mind.
That elusive beauty that I could possibly never know.

*Elusive Compressive Illusiveness*

The elusive beauty of illusions -
In this compressed memory -
I awake to concussions -
Only to feel sorry -
To this self-ridden soul -
That is void of all perfection -
An infinite loophole -
Carrying this malediction -
For all I wanted is life was achieved -
In the illusion of my mind -
Alas it can never be retrieved -
For elusiveness carries the bind -
Firaga - The flame of life -
Towards this compressive strife -


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