It is ironic when the one thing that makes you weak is the one thing you need in life. Not that it applies to me (yet), as I have no qualms with being strong and alone, rather than weak and giving half your heart to someone else - and worse if the other person doesn't take care of that half you've given. Everyone needs someone. But we can choose to not be with someone.

So how is it like, needing kryptonite?

Well it basically sucks big time. You need it, but when it gets close enough, you grow weaker and weaker. If  somehow the kryptonite ends up to stay close to your heart until you can merge it together with you - then good for you - you'll probably turn that weakness into your own strength. But what if the kryptonite decides to continue tormenting you - until you fall to your knees - and in the end, failing to acquire it?

If you still don't get my Superman references, well - in layman terms, it basically means that if the one you need in life ends up hurting you and leaving you in the abyss, the pain will drag you to your knees. On the other hand, if the person stays close to your heart - figuratively speaking, then you'd probably be able to turn that weakness into your own strength.

But frankly, the latter has never happened to me. I've got stellar luck in video games, but none of the sort in life games. So what do I do in my position? Even I wonder. All I do is keep up with life - and try not to let it bother me. Although sometimes it does, and I end up writing something here.

Hoping is against my principles, so I try to deter myself from it. But occasionally it does seep its' way through this hardened soul.

Well, whatever. Emotions makes us weak - but it also makes us human. I'm still human, and emotions are inevitable. Alas, all that can be done is to keep my head high, and keep walking forward. Life doesn't wait for humans to weep and cry and breakdown. I've learned that the hard way in my life. 

So buck up, live up. There's more to life than sitting down and weeping.

Albeit all these things - Know that Firaga will be here - gazing upon the blue rose.

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