Its surprising to me that I actually got an answer for something that puzzled my mind. Although it might had....caused some sort of awkwardness to arise. Heh. I guess sometimes what we think we show is not what others see in their eyes. Perspectives, perspectives. I had been blabbering on about the "Blue Rose", about how unattainable that is, but it would be if I had been much more obvious and truthful in my journey. One lesson learnt today is I should never expect people to be obvious to what I think is obvious - Lest I end up facing obliviousness.

The Journeyman's Folly

An illusive journey he took that day,
Twisting, turning, strolling, frolicking,
Only to lead the Blue Rose astray,
And to gain the title of Dud King.

Had he went straight,
He may have grasped true,
Why toddle in Hell's Eight?
Now the Rose remains Blue.

But a lesson learnt by him in life,
Is sometimes truth is the way to strife,
For sometimes workarounds are naught but ice,
And now he knows not to fool one twice.

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