Once a broken soul in time,
The thought of living in cold clime,
Yet slowly - the harsh mountains I climb,
As I found Bifrost - Truly Sublime!

I imagined what lied beyond,
Would I be bestowed upon me - a Monde?
Or perhaps with the Aesir I would bond?
Who knows - Mayhap even Asgard's Lamond!

Yet still - I mightily hesitate,
Could I cross Bifrost in such a mortal state?
My thoughts are all I could sate,
With delusional illusions I forcefully create.

What if I cross it to my own demise -
Only to be tricked eternally by Loki's cunning guise,
Or face Nidhoggr's malefic sting?
Mayhap not even Bifrost to cross - with Heimdall's deadly swing.

No Plagiarism! Adieu.

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