Heyo people. So some people told me that I should in fact, not let my poet soul die off. Some say that I shouldn't let my talents go to waste - so I'm considering to write more poems now. So let's start off...with a poem.

As he gazes up the night sky,
He looks around with keenness,
He wished that somehow - he could fly,
To find his beloved Venus.
With nothing to hold -
He could only hope to see,
That one day - Venus will unfold,
For his heart to be free.
But alas - he waits for all eternity - 
What if Venus stays obscure from sight?
Locked in the chains of infinity,
Never again to see the light.
No matter - Still he waits eagerly,
Till then - he stands alone - Bitterly.


No Plagiarism! Goodbye people.

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