So I keep writing poems in such a standard, four lines per stanza - I though I might wanna try something new myself. Although the form may seem a bit weird. I think it came out alright.But that's my opinion. Tis' a nameless poem.

My logic is simple,
Although somewhat ample,
Of what begets people,
Yet days cloud man's mind,
There is no curing the blind,
For man's brain is in his hind!
Why can't man see his folly,
Must I guide him on a trolley?
O - such melancholy.
Worldly lusts destroys,
Men are merely toys -
With scarcity in poise.
I hope for man to one day see,
For the world to be soon free - 
From man's self-made decree.


No plagiarism! Adieu people.

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